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I wanna get well!

This damn crap just won't shake itself loose! Started feeling weak and shaky again yesterday, and feeling like a weight was put on my chest. Went BACK to Conway Hospital this morning, this time to the walk-in clinic. Was running nearly 100F fever. Got two more shots, and two more prescriptions. Doctor gave me a note to stay home from work until Tuesday.
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Random Updates

Mom will be in the hospital at LEAST a couple more days with the pneumonia. Today she was sounding a little better than yesterday, in good spirits.

Andrew's dentist appointment turned out a tad more complicated than was originally expected. Wasn't just a loose filling... the tooth was majorly decayed and had to come out. His was more difficult to remove than the one I had removed a few months ago was. With mine, I didn't require stitches. His did. He can only have cold liquids the next 24 hours, then light stuff like soups after that for a couple of days, much like when I had mine pulled. The dentist said he'd call us tomorrow morning to see how things are going.

He also wanted Andrew to start taking the prescription pain medicine BEFORE the deadening wore off. We went to Walgreens first to get his prescriptions filled, since that is where Andrew has been getting his medicine. There were around 7 people in line in the store, a couple more sitting and waiting, and things weren't moving fast. Looked like just TWO people working in the pharmacy. I told Andrew "Screw this!", and we left. By the time they would have gotten the medicine filled, the effects of the injections from the dentist would have worn off! So, we went a couple of blocks down the road to Brookshire's, where I get MY prescriptions filled. We were in and out there in about half an hour, even after getting some soups and a few Powerball tickets.