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Notice to Websites

To certain websites: No, I'm NOT turning off my adblocker. I never blocked ads until around four years ago, when a rogue banner ad tried to throw malware at me. Luckily my antivirus caught it before any harm was done. Until you get that crap under control, adblocker stays ON! I just won't go to your website again. I'll find a different source.

Already done this with the TV Guide website. Found a different TV listings website.

Turn Off My Adblocker? I Don't Think So!

Just installed yet another browser extension, to block the "Oh, I see you are using an adblocker. Please turn it off to view our content" nag screens showing up on some websites now.

Too risky to turn off the adblocker these days, because of some rogue ads that try to infect your computer with malware.