Eating Out No Go

I find it kind of depressing when I see people posting about going out to eateries with live music, knowing those days seem to be long gone for me. Since the esophagus surgery, I can't risk eating "out" without the risk of PASSING out. Also, it takes me a long time to finish a plate of anything now.

If I "eat out" these days, I have to pick up something and bring it home to eat, so in case I need to lay down an hour or so after I finish, the bed is nearby.
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Unrecognizable With Mask

I'm feelin' kind of silly. Was in line at the Walmart Money Center this afternoon to pay a bill, line was long. Saw someone a few people up who didn't have their mask over their nose. Dressed in an orange top, long, scraggly gray hair. Thought to myself, "Why isn't that fat, old woman wearing her mask properly??"

After the person finished their transaction at the desk, they walked up to me, lowered the mask completely, and asked "Didn't you see me?". It was my old friend Randy Haney, who I haven't seen in quite some time. 🤪 

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Medical procedures and prescriptions

Another thing to add to the list of medical procedures. Early next month, they are scheduling me for a procedure on my left arm to try to loosen it up a bit more and relieve some of the pain. I won't be awake for the procedure, it will be outpatient.

In other news, the solution I was prescribed to drink the day before my scheduled barium enema on the 16th of THIS month was on "backorder" at the Brookshire's pharmacy, so I took the prescription with me when I went to my orthopedic appointment this morning, and got it at the hospital pharmacy. The pharmacist there also said it was on backorder, but they still had some. First medicine in a while that wasn't covered fully by Medicaid. Cost me $20. Guess the doctor who ordered the enema didn't know the stuff he prescribed was in short supply everywhere.
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Maybe, just MAYBE, I should have gotten the pharmacy to give me the shingles shot in my RIGHT arm. I have an early appointment with the orthopedic doctor in the morning, who is following up with the pain due to the torn muscles in my left arm. She likes to measure movement in the arm, and now suddenly, a few hours after getting the shot, the arm has gotten EXTREMELY stiff and sore. 😕

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Heating On The Fritz

As if there haven't been ENOUGH issues lately, now the heating unit is acting up again. Twice today, I've had to completely unplug the unit for a couple minutes and plug it back in before it starts blowing actual heat. Just had the repairman out a little over a month ago, when it wasn't kicking on at ALL. He replaced a circuit board. 😡


Colons and Scopes and Enemas...Oh My!

Had my follow-up appointment this afternoon for the esophageal dilation and colonoscopy from a couple weeks ago. The doctor said they couldn't get the colonoscopy scope as far as they wanted, but it's not unusual for that to occur. There were some polyps spotted, but they could be the result of irritation, since I have diarrhea regularly as a side effect of the original esophagus surgery.

Sooo, to examine closer, I'm scheduled for a barium enema on February 16th.

Fun times. NOT! :-/
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AWOL Andrew

Mom and I are wondering what Andrew is up to. He left for work yesterday a little before 4:00pm. It's now after 5:00pm the next day, and we haven't seen or heard from him. He said earlier his next off day wasn't until Friday, so we are assuming he's supposed to work tonight.

Mom has tried calling him twice, both times getting voice mail. Sure, he's 27, but since he's living here, we still worry when he just randomly vanishes without a word. :-/
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