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Wednesday Warbles

Went to bed around 9pm central last night, shortly after "History Detectives" on PBS went off.

Woke up around 3:50am for a tinkle, saw the light was still shining under Andrew's door. Guess that "World of Warcraft" IS "addicting". Not ever caring much about games in general, I wouldn't know from experience, but I've heard folks talk about that particular game. He probably won't get up till mid-afternoon as a result!

Completed three online job applications this morning... Circle K, Dollar General, and Brookshire's.

Waiting for the mail to run, so I can get mine and moms to bring over to her.

Waste Management just drove by as I was typing this post and picked up the garbage.

Bayou Internet called yesterday afternoon, just to make sure the DSL was working fine. I told them, if it wasn't, they would have already heard from ME! Nice of them to check though. All those years with BellSouth/AT&T, they NEVER called just to see if things were okay!

Had to reboot the Vista machine in the living room, and this Windows 7 machine this morning... Windoze Updates...

Was hoping for a little rain yesterday with that nearby storm system, but once again, the rain completely bypassed us! The yard is gettin' a might "crispy" in spots.

Even after all these years, I still read the comics before the actual news. Actual news these days is a bit depressing.

Well, all for now... need to head to the kitchen to retrieve a third mug of coffee...
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