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Where does PBS find these people?!?

I was watching "History Detectives" earlier on the local PBS station. A person had a saddle he wanted the "investigator" to confirm the origions of, being the saddle had the name of "Yakima Canutt" on it. Wes Cowan, the person that was going to do the investigation into the saddle, said he had never heard the name Yakima Canutt before.

WTF?? Even I had heard the name before, knew he was a stuntman in the early days of Hollywood, and was John Wayne's stuntman of choice! And I'm not even an antiques expert or anything of the such! The guy is older than I am even!

The rant out of the way, I gotta say, I'd fark Elyse Luray... just sayin'...
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