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Andrew invited his friend over today, without giving me advanced notice. Arrived here around 1pm... still here. No idea what time the kids mom is coming to pick him up.

Found the kid from the offset to be rather annoying. Asking dumb questions about shows or games I liked. After he found out I didn't like most "modern" stuff, he came right out and said, "You need to get with the times!". Although he was grinning when he said that, I felt like punching him...

Luckily, he's been in Andrews room most of his time here, playing video games. I've "distanced" myself from them, staying in here where the computer is, with the door closed. Hoping the boys mom comes to get him sooner rather than later...

Got the "Random Streaming Cam" pointed out the front window, so I'll see when she drives up, since I'm not in the front room.
Tags: friends, isolation, kids, son
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