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Queen of Outer Space

Just watched one of the cheesiest science fiction movies of all-time on Turner Classic Movies, "Queen of Outer Space". Course, I knew not to expect a "great" film with a title like that, but it WAS entertaining... although I had a lot of scientific inaccuracies I saw in the film going through my head when watching...

1. During lift off of the crews spaceship, they didn't wear helments or space suits.

2. The crew was able to walk around freely on Venus, although we know now that one step outside a protective enclosure on that planet, you'd be crushed by the pressure and eaten alive by the sulfuric acid in the atmosphere.

3. The planet was inhabited by only women. A few men were banished to another planet. How did civilization continue?

4. The all male Earth crew had no qualms about getting "lovey-dovey" with the ladies on the planet. Excuse me, but I doubt "females" on another planet would have EXACTLY the same "equipment" OUR ladies do!

And finally...

5. A Venusian with a Hungarian accent?!?
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