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Late Monday Mumbles...

Replacement rechargable battery for the 5+ year old Panasonic cordless phone arrived in the mail today. Currently on its initial 24-hour charge. Original battery was to the point it only functioned about 20 minutes when talking to someone. WAY past due to be replaced.

My "Best of The Dean Martin Variety Show" DVD set was shipped yesterday. Should be viewing late tomorrow. I say "late tomorrow", because I seem to live on the tail end of the local UPS route, and packages from them never seem to get here till 5pm or later.

Andrew's 500GB hard drive for his PS3 shipped today, via the postal service. Hope it arrives in one piece!

Bought four Banquet Pot Pies the other day at Brookshire's when I went grocery shopping. They had them on sale 2/$1.00. If I knew Andrew liked them also, I would have stocked up, instead of buying just four!

Ran into my old Burger King boss from back in the 80's on my trip to Brookshire's. He asked what I was doing now, I told him I was looking for work, and told him the way Walmart gave me the "boot", and that I haven't set foot in the store since then. He replied, "So you're shopping at the highest priced place in town now?". I informed him that Brookshire's was no where NEAR the highest priced place in town, he apparently hadn't shopped at Harvest Foods OR Mac's Fresh Market! He said he hadn't. Also, since he's retired now, if he considered Brookshire's the "highest price place in town".. I thought later, WHY was HE shopping there?!? I mean, I've "shopped around", Brookshire's has decent prices, and GREAT customer service!
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