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Saturday Summaries

Woke up early this morning, probably because I went to sleep before 7pm last night.

Broke down yesterday and ordered Andrew a new hard drive for his PS3. He said he was running out of space on the 80GB one included with the machine, so he'll be getting a 500GB replacement. Only $60 from Amazon.

Ordered a new rechargeable battery for my Panasonic cordless phone while I was at it. Had the phone a little over five years, and the battery it came with is now down to about 20 minutes power time.

Unless I get a job related call, don't plan on leaving the house today. Will probably spend the afternoon doing my usual Saturday thing... listening to Leo Laporte's radio show online. Need to do some grocery shopping, but may wait till Monday, when it won't be so crowded.

Gonna be another "hot one" today, high of 97°F predicted, no rain expected. Yard is turning brown, and hard as a brick.

After the mail runs, will probably fix some breakfast. Wanting some sausage gravy biscuits. Andrew will probably sleep till after noon, since he stayed up into the wee hours again.
Tags: electronics, food, heat, sleep, weather

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