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Satellite, Cable... Getting MORE "meh"...

Apart from HBO, seems the "basic" channels are getting TOO repetetive... Lifetime is now repeating old History Channel shows like "Pawn Stars" and "American Pickers". With so many reruns and crap "reality" programs, I'm getting tired of paying money every month when most nights there is nothing worth watching! My son will get pissed if I drop Dish, but I just can't see the value in it. I can't even watch "Dr. G: Medical Examiner", since that fat biatch Oprah took over Discovery Health, instead of starting her OWN network on her OWN!

Other complaints from me... MTV no longer plays music videos, AMC is no longer "American Movie Classics", BBC America no longer shows "Eastenders" or any other BBC shows ("Star Trek:The Next Generation" WTF?!?), Science Channel showing fictional shows, TV Land getting into reality series...

The money I'm spending ain't worth it anymore.
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