Albert Sims (albert71292) wrote,
Albert Sims

Must be gettin' old or something...

Not sure what my problem was yesterday evening. Started feeling extremely groggy about 5pm, ended up going to bed a little after 6pm, didn't get out of bed this morning till 8:30am. You'd think, with all the coffee I drink, I could stay awake for weeks at a time!

Anyway, another typical Sunday here (unless I get a call from someone offering me work)... washing a couple loads of laundry, listening to "No Agenda" online at 11:00am central, then switching to the online "TWiT Network" at 1:00pm to watch Leo Laporte broadcast the "Tech Guy" radio show, followed by "This Week in Tech". After that, I'll probably watch "Hee Haw" at 7pm central on RFD-TV.

Dishes really need washing, but think I'll put them off till tomorrow morning. Since the boy dirties over 90% of them, I should make HIM wash them! Also need to find time tomorrow to give my hair a trim... gettin' a might shaggy in the back.
Tags: chores, housework, internet, sleep

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