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The kid is pushing me over the edge!

Just got a call from the alternative school Andrew is attending. The principal said that the boy said something insulting to one of the instructors, telling them they were into "beastiality". As a result, he is suspended until Thursday. Only about three more weeks till school is out for the year, and he waits until NOW to fuck up!

Between my mom and I, we have done EVERYTHING we can think of for the boy since the ex left him here in 2006, yet he still defies authority. I've warned him over and over, that if he is still screwing up by the time he turns 18 (in December), he'll have to find somewhere else to live, because I'm tired of putting up with his shit! I've looked into it, and once a child turns 18, you can get a court order to have them evicted if you want. Well, I'm getting closer and closer to following through with that after todays incident!

I guarantee, when he gets home, he will start his usual "excuse mode"... blaming everyone at the school but himself... he pretends the "whole world" is out to get him, when in reality, he brings it all upon himself. Just talked to my mother about it, he's not getting any more games OR phone minutes for the rest of the year. Why he thought he needed a cellphone to begin with is beyond me...

My heart rate is currently up, I'm positive it's blood pressure related... but can't take any more meds till this evening...
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