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Mighty "damp" around these parts today...

Last night, the tail end of a major storm system came through the area. Some high winds, rain, pea-sized hail, thunder, and lightning. Some parts of West Monroe and Monroe had flooding, fallen trees, and downed power lines. Local "Academy Sports & Outdoors" store got some roof damage. Local newspaper website said the West Monroe area got a little over 7 inches of rain overnight. Luckily, the power never went out here. It's now sunny, yet windy outside. There were "reports" last night of tornados being spotted close to Well Road, which is less than two miles from my house, but my son and I went outside about 11pm, stood under the carport, didn't see anything even resembling a funnel, so I think the reports were erroneous.

Andrew got on the bus to go to school this morning, only to have the bus driver turn around and bring him back home, after she discovered the parish schools were closed today due to some schools having minor flooding problems, or no power. Apparently, when the school board decided to close schools today, they didn't inform the drivers, or anyone else for that matter. Makes me wonder what kind of idiots we have in charge of the Ouachita Parish School Board!

The front window webcam captured a lit up night sky last night at 1:01am... looks a little eerie...

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