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Tuesday Randomness

Haven't updated here as often as usual, mainly because there hasn't been much new happening to report...

Andrew has a "short week" in school this week. He'll be out Friday-Monday for the Easter holiday.

Still no bites on the job searches or applications.

All the pollen has my head feeling like it is stuffed in a plastic bag.

Going with mom to take her cat "Booger" to the vet this afternoon. She wants me to carry the pet carrier, because the cat is a bit heavy. Nothing too serious with the cat, just that his eye has been constantly watering for a few weeks now, and, being he's a long haired cat, he has developed some lumpy fur, and it needs to be shaved off. She has owned the cat for 14 years so far.

Got a pile of dishes in the kitchen, but putting them off till in the morning.

After hitting "Post Entry" for this post, going to wash the bed linens. Long overdue. Was going to do them yesterday, but had ran out of laundry detergent.
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