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Well, THAT was "helpful"...

Don't you just hate calling your ISP when you are having issues, then by the time you get off the phone, you are no more aware of what caused the problem than BEFORE you called?

Since switching DSL providers recently, I've had issues of video streams buffering more regularly, "Server not found" errors for websites a few times a day, IRC chat locking up for about 3 minutes a few times a day, then fastly scrolling up about 100 lines all of a sudden (no one else in chat is having issues), and radio station streams having to be restarted every 10 minutes or so. Usually a modem restart solves the issue for a few hours. AT&T didn't have those issues NEAR as often, so I attributed the problems on something at the ISP end.

The tech, however, said it was hard to diagnose the problem, since I had recently restarted the modem this morning. He attributed it to most likely a bad filter somewhere in the house. Told him I'd experiment with the filters, but I thought it was a weird "coincidence" a filter would start going iffy RIGHT after the ISP change.

Also, he initially asked if I had their 1.5Mbps plan, AFTER looking up my info on the computer. I said, no, I was supposed to have the 6Mbps plan, and the latest online speed test reflected that. He then said I was correct, he was looking at the wrong place, or something like that. Heck, 1.5 wouldn't even BEGIN to handle the stuff my son and I do online! If only 1.5 were available here, might as well do without!

Guess I'll mess around with the filters, and call them back if the problem continues...
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