Albert Sims (albert71292) wrote,
Albert Sims

Well, since the last update, the girl I've been mentioning finally decided to stop by. Think it was mainly to pick up a Directv installation guide. We had been discussing the night before about the second hand system she had purchased and the fact that it didn't come with any documentation. I at first offered to go to her place to help her install it, being almost an expert by having to install mine TWICE already(once when I first purchased it- then again when I had to have new shingles put on top of the house after a hailstorm). Think she's like me though, she prefers to try things on her own instead of soliciting help from others. I can really identify with that. I must also admit, she is extremely attractive. Wasn't expecting that, since I hadn't seen a picture of her before. Don't think you can send pictures over WebTV. I could stare at her all day! Hoping to see more of her soon!

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