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Pardon my language, but FUCK AT&T!

I've been with AT&T (formerly BellSouth) since first going online in 1999, first with dial-up, then moving to DSL once it became available in 2002. I've put up with them all this time, even with how much crappier service got after AT&T took over from BellSouth.

Well, before May 2nd, I'll be getting a new internet service provider, AND a new phone provider! AT&T has thoroughly PISSED me off now. Their internet will be useless in this household as of the May 2nd date, because they are going to start imposing 150GB/month caps on all DSL users! With the amount of streaming video (like the TWiT network) I watch, the amount of online radio I listen to, and the amount my son games online, that 150GB would most likely be used in ONE WEEK!

As for phone service, IF I can get stand-alone DSL from the new ISP I'm looking at, I'm going to finally break down and buy a cheap, pre-paid cellphone from anyone who is NOT AT&T, and drop AT&T's POTS service! I know I've ranted endlessly about cellphones over the years, but AT&T isn't giving me much of a choice now! They have pushed me over the edge! Wouldn't need to purchase many minutes for the phone each month, since I rarely talk on the phone now as it is... overpaying for my phone service already because of that fact. I probably talk a total of less than three hours a month on the phone to anyone.

AT&T will now be on my boycott list, along with Wal-Mart, RCA, Yamaha, and Panasonic. Already been going to websites I get emails from, deleting the "BellSouth" email address, and replacing it with my Yahoo address, in preparation for the ISP move...
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