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Lifespan of recordable CDs, and other musings...

The other day, I tried to rip two CDs I recorded on the old Philips standalone CD recorder in 1999 to MP3s on the PC. They kept getting hung up about midway through, not ripping further. Today, I tried just playing the discs, first in both Blu-ray players, then in the PC and laptop drives. Both discs failed to play properly at the same points the CD rippers ceased to rip in all the players. Back when I bought those blank discs, they cost $5.99 each. I was under the mistaken impression those would be a permenant storage solution for the aging cassettes my friends and I recorded in the 1980's. Seems the lifespan of recordable CDs, even when rarely played, is around 10-11 years. Most of my cassettes played more than that have exceeded 25 years or more.

Well, hopefully I'll find work soon, buy an external hard drive every couple of months, dig out the ancient cassettes, transfer them to the hard drives, make a copy onto CDs also, copy the CDs every 5 years or so to whatever format is dominate at the time, store the hard drives up, as I have the old cassettes all these years! Really wanting to find a reliable way to preserve those recordings, on a reasonable budget!

In other news, next door where the nutty neighbor that knocked on the door asking for ice once, lived next to the house next door there in a camper, this evening, a larger camper was moved in where the old one was moved out a few months ago. Hope she's not back... hope it's someone more "normal".

Watched the movie "2012" for the first time tonight on Starz. I remember critics didn't like the film, complaining it wasn't "realistic". I found it very entertaining, and think the critics missed the point. It wasn't meant to be "historically accurate" or anything... it was just meant to be entertaining! In that sense, the production and the director succeeded!
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