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No Prospects Yet

While out this morning applying various places for work (no bites yet), I found season 5 of "Bewitched" on DVD for $9.99. Went ahead and bought it, since I already had the first four, and it was the last season of the show I planned on buying anyway. It was the last season in which Dick York played Darrin. Never really liked his replacement, Dick Sargent, as Darrin. Sargent was a little too subduded in the role in my opinion.

When the electricity went out earlier this morning, apparently it was parish wide. The newspapers website said power went out for 83,000 people due to a problem at a substation near Sterlington.

Most expensive gas I saw while out today was $3.59/gallon at "Car Wash West" on Cypress Street.
Tags: dvds, electricity, gasoline, job search

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