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How loud can people get?!?

Not much on TV tonight after "Crossing Jordan" went off (typical Tuesday for TV evenings), so came to the "computer room". No audio playing currently on the PC, so the room is a bit quiet, just some sound leaking from the sons room across the hall.

Not for the first time, I hear loud yelling from the trailer across the street, a bit further down the road from my house. Always seems to be a man and woman yelling at each other, then a vehicle leaves that location, all this happening with closed windows here! Seems to be routine every few nights or so. Don't know much about the lady in the trailer, except her father owns the big brick house directly across the street from me, and my mom and I think he bought the trailer and had it set on the other half of his property for her. She has at least two young kids. Her dad owns the "Tatum Trailer Park" down close to Cheniere Lake a bit further down this road.

The times this has occurred, I've never been able to make out any words, just know the tones are angry. It always seems to happen after nightfall, so I can't identify any vehicle. What concerns me is if there's a bitter divorce, and they are arguing about support or visitation or something, and it might lead to something dire. Or... maybe I watch too many crime shows on TV... and jumping to conclusions...

Also, the long bearded guy across the street who we believe is the womans dad is the same guy I posted about here ages ago that put a flag up on a pole near the road, and has left it there to deteriorate... being in even worse condition than when I took this picture a few months ago...

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