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Guess we were lucky...

A major storm whipped through here earlier. Dish went out for about 20 minutes, and lights flickered a bit. Never lost power though. Apparently others in this area weren't so lucky, according to a recent update on the local newspapers website...

"At 9:15 p.m., Entergy spokesman Roderick Worthy said as many as 6,700 customers were without power .

Worthy said about 2,600 Ouachita Parish customers and 1,000 Morehouse Parish customers were without power. Another 3,100 customers in other northeastern Louisiana parishes also were in the dark, Worthy said.

He said crews were assessing the wind damage and could not estimate how long it would be before power was restored."

No "flickering lights" here since around 7:30pm, it's now close to 10:30pm, and the rain and wind has stopped.
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