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Tuesday Activities

Went over to the state job service office and reapplied, leting them know I'm still looking for work.

Stopped by and took the truck in for the yearly inspection. Of course, when I say "inspection", I've been using the term loosely the past few years. The guy I take it to doesn't really do any kind of inspection before he puts the new sticker on. He doesn't even crank the vehicle. You just pull up, go into his office in the garage, he writes down your registration, insurance, and drivers license info, takes your $10, goes out to your vehicle, scrapes the old sticker off from inside the windshield, and applies the new sticker. I was in and out in about 6 minutes.

Went by the little tobacco store up the road after that, bought some chances for tomorrow nights "Powerball Lottery" drawing, since the jackpot is up to $155 million. If, by some fluke, I got lucky and won even half that, I don't think I'd worry about the job service office anymore!

I now have the towels that I have in various locations in the house for the cat to sleep on (so he doesn't get hair on everything) in the washing machine. He tends to like having nice, fresh smelling places to sleep just like us folks do.

Mom is feeling well enough now that she is returning to going shopping on her own. She is currently at Wal-Fart as I speak. Haven't talked her into stopping going there, even after what they did to me! Oh, well, at least I know I'm doing my part to boycott them from the shabby way they treat people by vowing to never set foot in the place again!
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