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Reviewers... Meh...

Bought Blu-ray discs of the movies "10" and "Heavy Metal" earlier today. A few online reviewers poo-pooed the video quality, especially the "10" Blu-ray. I saw "10" when it was in theaters, and the quality of the Blu-ray was closest to what I saw on the big screen in 1979. Apparently the reviewers never saw the atrocity that was the 1999 DVD release... that thing looks terrible in comparison! "10" was never "reference quality", mainly because it was shot on lower grade 1970's film. I think the Blu is the best it'll get on home video! The Blu-ray is so clear, you can see Julie Andrews "camel toe" when she is wearing the tight jeans...

As for "Heavy Metal", a couple of reviewers remarked about "marks" in the film... those are residue left in the film cells, something nearly every hand animated film since animated films began suffer from. If they eliminated those spots, it wouldn't look like the film originally debuted! Warner was wise enough to not try to eliminate those in the Looney Tunes Golden Collections, and I was glad to see Columbia didn't try to eliminate those in "Heavy Metal".
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