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Update to yesterdays hearse/horse post

In the post I made yesterday, I described a scene that might make people think I'm losing my mind. Well, I now have proof. The thing I described was back across the street again this afternoon. There is a "For Sale" sign in the window. Don't know if it is a package deal or not however...

Picture is a little fuzzy, because to get a close-up from my driveway, I had to use my camcorder. My still camera doesn't have a good zoom feature, and I couldn't find Andrew's camera, which is about 10 years newer than mine, and does have a good zoom feature. I really need to get a new still camera one of these days... still using the Kodak 2.2MP DX-3500 I bought in 2000.

Oh, and the temperature here has dropped 22 degrees in the past three hours...
Tags: cameras, hearse, horse

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