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More Monday Mumbling

Taking a day off from job searching. Too much other stuff to do today, unless I get called for an interview.

1. Finishing up the laundry I started yesterday. Still have the bed linens and towels to do.
2. Need to go pick up some cat food, cat litter, paper towels, Kleenex, toilet tissue, some more Red Diamond tea for the boy, milk, etc.
3. Picking up the son from school this afternoon, so I can run him by for a haircut before the place closes. If I wait for his bus to get him here, it'll be too late.

In other news, got a strange wrong number call this morning. Caller-ID said "Linda Thomas". Not knowing a "Linda Thomas", I let the answering machine pick up, as I do with all unfamiliar numbers. The person didn't mention any names, just said to please call back about the accident report filed Friday. No one here had any accidents Friday. The boy had one Saturday though, but no report was filed. He accidentally dropped a can of "Easy Cheese" in his room, the seal broke, and cheese squirted all over the floor. Maybe I should send an accident report to Kraft Foods...
Tags: accidents, laundry, phone calls, shopping, son

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