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Lazy Saturday Randomness

Nice, sunny day today. 73°F(23°C) outside. Windows open. Cat sitting in the window...

Anyone remember books they read in their childhood? This was one of my favorites...

In other news, mom is slowly regaining strength from her hospital stay and the liquid diet she was on. She's keeping solids down well now. She had been a bit hoarse however, think it might be a side effect of the powdered medicine she mixes with water. The voice problems didn't really begin until a little after she started taking the medicine.

Wondering what order, if any, the "Crime & Investigation Network" is airing "Crossing Jordan" episodes. Thursday's episode ended on a "To Be Continued" cliffhanger, Friday's episode was a completely different storyline. Never watched the show when it aired on NBC, but have become addicted to Jill Hennessy the program in reruns.
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