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Yet Another Reason Comcast SUCKS...

Apparently the goons at Comcast, who were approved to take over most of NBC/Universal later this month, are already starting to ruin the company. Awoke to the news this morning that Keith Olbermann "has been told" that last nights show was his last. Comcrap is denying they have anything to do with his departure, but I'm pretty positive they are lying out of their teeth... the timing is too much of a coincidence.

The reason I have this opinion is what Comcrap did to one of my all-time favorite channels a few years ago, TechTV. They bought the channel, "merged" it with G4 (a sucktastic gaming channel), then dropped EVERY good show TechTV had. Comcrap has a habit of ruining everything they touch. If you see Comcrap heading your direction, RUN FOR THE HILLS!!!

Keith Olbermann's show was the only show I watched with any regularity on MSNBC. No reason now to keep it in my channel list on Dish, so I'm going into my receiver settings and delete it, as I did G4. Comcrap probably told the heads at MSNBC they didn't agree with Olbermann's politics, so they let him go before the sale was finalized, so it would look as though MSNBC did it, not Comcrap, so the regulators wouldn't be non the wiser. I've learned over the years how "shady" Comcrap is.

Comcrap is the local cable company. I can proudly say I have NEVER done business with them. I get my television through Dish Network, and internet via AT&T DSL. If Comcrap were my only option for TV and internet, then I just wouldn't be paying for TV and internet!

/rant over
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