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Digital TV Rant

I was trying to watch the "Golden Globes" broadcast this rainy evening, when the picture over Dish started pixelating like crazy. I tried switching to my roof antenna, IT was dropping out like crazy. Seems ever since the government mandated "digital switchover", my local channels signal has been craptastic, no matter HOW I try to view them! At least with the old reliable analog signal, I could get SOME kind of watchable signal! Can't blame Dish, since it was only the locals screwing up... the "cable" channels were still coming in fine!

The way I understand it, analog spectrum was shut down by the government to make more bandwidth to be sold off, at a profit, to cellphone companies. Pardon my language, but FUCK the cellphone companies! I've never had a use for one, will never own one... no one ACTUALLY has a use for the things, they just THINK they do! If cellphones had never gotten so ingrained in society, I'd still find a freggin' payphone when I might need one, which hasn't occured yet, because I rarely travel far from home.

I remember when I was working as a cart collector at Wal-Mart. I put off bringing carts up for over an hour one night because I saw a guy pacing back and forth in front of the area I had to take them, I was afraid to go there because I thought he was talking to himself. Turns out he had a headset. Never studying up on cellphones, I had no idea those headsets for those phones existed until that evening. Spent a lot of time playing catch-up getting carts to the door that night because of that!

Another reason I feel cellphones shouldn't have been "awarded" extra bandwidth... the idiots (can't even count the times) that have pulled out in front of me when going down the road, with one of the damn things at their ear! Good thing my truck has good brakes, all I can say about that! Tempted to try just smacking them in the side next time that occures!
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