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Saturday Summaries

Yesterday, the temperature reached 68°F (20°C). Tonight, the weather service is predicting nasty weather to move in, with the highs tomorrow only in the low 30's F. Possibility of sleet and snow tonight and most of the day tomorrow. If all that happens, I'm going to try my best to stay inside tomorrow.

In other news, mom is still in the hospital with her diverticulitis. She's on a liquid diet. She said they are discussing surgery, but they want to make sure the infection is completely gone first, meaning they may wait 4-6 weeks before surgery. I've been going to her house next door twice a day to check on her cat. Would bring him over here, but I think he and Eastwood would fight, and her cat isn't as young as he used to be. Think he's better off staying next door.

Had a "Rewards Certificate" worth $15 from "Best Buy", so figured I'd better use it before it expired. Bought Volume 5 of "Futurama" on Blu-ray yesterday. Happy with the picture quality, not happy with the packaging. All cardboard, no plastic whatsoever except for the two discs themselves. You'd THINK, for $39.99(price before the $15 off) that the discs would be packaged in sturdier packaging! The first 4 volumes on my shelf (DVDs), are slimline plastic cases for each disc, in a cardboard slipcover. Fox Video is apparently getting cheap!

I can ignore the jury duty summons I got where I was supposed to report Monday. Got a call from the parish yesterday afternoon saying the trials I might have been selected for have been "settled", and to not appear for jury selection.

Andrew was up late again last night, probably won't be up till around noon today.

The changes in weather have my sinuses jumping through hoops...
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