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Mom not feeling well

I wasn't online hardly any yesterday. Mom called early yesterday afternoon with the stomach pains that have been bothering her for quite a while, and needed me to take her to the emergency room. Turns out, after all the tests they ran, that her diverticulitis is flaring up again. They didn't keep her there this time, and they released her around 8:30pm. We swung by Walgreens and picked up the three prescriptions she got (that only took about 15 minutes), then came on home. It was so late after coming home, and owing to the fact I hadn't slept well the night before, it wasn't long before I hit the sack!

Today I've got to make a short trip out. The cat is running extremely low on litter, I need to get myself some more over-the-counter sinus meds (hate this time of year) and acid reflux meds (otherwise I probably won't sleep well again), and need to pick the son up some more of that Red Diamond Sweet Tea before he drinks up all my diet colas!

Gonna try to stay home as much as I can the next couple of days in case mom needs something, unless I get a call from one of the 50 or so local places I've applied for jobs at.
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