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One of those Wednesday Random 30 Things Goin' Around...

1. I'm an only child.

2. I had a vasectomy in 1995.

3. I never "really" slept with a woman until I was 27.

4. Just being near a gun, loaded or unloaded, makes me nervous.

5. I've been gaining FAR too much weight lately.

6. Wish a job would call me to work. Getting a bit stir crazy around the house.

7. I don't listen to much music recorded after 1990.

8. I like almost every genre of music recorded before 1990.

9. I refuse to buy ANYTHING with the RCA brand on it. Stuff craps out too fast.

10. My first pet was a small dog named "Precious", who I had for 17 years.

11. I still live in the home I grew up in.

12. I'll eat nearly anything prepared with beef, pork, or chicken, but I'm not a huge fan of seafood.

13. My two favorite TV shows of all-time are "Monty Python's Flying Circus" and "Soap".

14. I own a half-manx cat named "Eastwood", which I "inherited" from my uncle.

15. I own over 500 CD's, 400 vinyl LP's, and over 300 DVD's.

16. I have never owned a cellphone. No immediate plans to buy one either.

17. I was officially divorced in May 1997.

18. Son lived with my ex until 2006. He now lives with me.

19. I'm not a sports fan, apart from billiards.

20. Rarely see much of my old friends, since I'm the only single one of the bunch now.

21. My friends and I used to record "fake" radio shows on cassettes in the 1980s. Still have hundreds of hours of stuff I'm in the slow process of digitizing.

22. My favorite movie is "Caddyshack", even after over 100 viewings.

23. I woke up at 6:00am this morning, even though the boy is out of school for the holidays, and I have nothing to do today.

24. At the rate it's going, in another couple of years, my hair will be totally white.

25. After being unfairly let go, I REFUSE to set foot in a Wal-Mart.

26. I'm an athiest, preferring to believe in reality instead of myths.

27. BRB... need another cup of coffee...

28. Flunked 12th grade (only one to fail), got GED instead.

29. I rarely send people on messenger lists an IM first, I wait till they send me one. Always afraid I'll interupt a conversation they are already having.

30. Haven't had sex since a one-time visit from an old school girlfriend a few months after my 1997 divorce. The old school girlfriend was married at the time. She is the one that brought it on.
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