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Probably a quiet day...

Mom decided she was going to go to Jackson, MS today to see if the VA had gotten around to putting a plaque on Uncle Bill's gravesite yet. Andrew decided he'd go along for the ride. I'm staying here, in case a job opportunity calls. If a job opportunity doesn't call, it means I'll have most of the afternoon to myself.

Also, I'll be waiting around for the "Next day shipping" package I ordered from Wednesday morning, which shouldhave gotten here YESTERDAY! On the package tracking page, at one point it said "Delay in delivery due to weather or natural disaster" in Jackson, MS (same place mom and Andrew are heading). I did some online research, discovering there wasn't any weather bad enough there during that time frame to delay any shipments. So, my thought is, either UPS or Amazon is making excuses, just too ashamed to admit they can't keep up with time sensitive deliveries this time of year! I'll NEVER order anything "Next day" again from them as a result... total waste of money!
Tags: amazon, liers, mom, son, trip, ups

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