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Another Application In...

I saw an ad in the newspaper the other day where a local "inventory" company was going to be accepting job applications today and tomorrow, so this morning I went and applied. I know nothing about inventory, but they said "no experience necessary", they train you if hired. After turning in the application, they told me if they call, it will be around Wednesday next week, after they've had time to go through the applications. They would also send me for a drug test, which is no problem. The most they would find is about 90% caffeine in my bloodstream from all this tea I've been drinking lately!

My aunt and uncle that divorced earlier in the year are remarrying Saturday. That makes the second couple in my lifetime I've known to divorce and remarry the same person shortly afterwards. Why bother to divorce in the first place? Then again, why bother to marry in the first place?!?

Remember this post I made around November 15th of the big oak tree in my yard?

Well, it is amazing how much different the same tree looks after about a month and a half of colder weather!.....


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