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A la Carte...

The cable industry just doesn't get it. Most people would prefer stations "a la carte", instead of being forced into buying packages. So what if the least popular channels would disappear. Only the strongest survive... rules of nature!

I wish I could get a "cable" subscription without any sports channels. I hate sports, my son hates sports, yet we pay a bit for ESPN and "regional sports channels" that we NEVER watch! If I could get HBO, Discovery, Science, TruTV, History, MSNBC, Comedy Central, RFD-TV, Cartoon & Boomerang for my son, Encore Westerns, and CNN a la carte, that is all I'd pay for. I get locals in high def with the roof antenna.

Those "spin off" channels are useless anyway, they just usually air the stuff that has aired on the original channel a few years previous. If "A la carte" means the death of those spin-off channels, so be it!
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