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There's a burn ban in effect fools!

Yesterday afternoon, mom called the fire department on the neighbors, because they were burning their garbage on the ground. Because a burn ban is in effect as a result of the dry conditions, she first called the sheriff's department. They told her to call the fire department directly, so she did. Even though there were vehicles in the yard, the fire department people got no answer knocking on the door, so they went ahead and put out the fire, and left... after talking to the old bearded guy from across the street, who walked over to see what was going on.

Mom didn't talk to the firemen when they came out, she just observed from her window, so we don't know what was said, or if they left a notice for the neighbors. According to an article in the local paper, the parish is pretty serious about enforcing the ban:

"Although the state burn ban was already in place, Hemphill said a local burn ban was adopted in part because it simplifies the process of issuing tickets to violators. Instead of citing violators on state charges, the parish can charge them for breaking local ordinances and send the violators to the parish’s environmental court. Violators face up to $500 in fines."

IF the neighbors get fined, good for them... that's what they get for not paying attention to the local news! Besides, they haven't cut the grass over there in quite some time, and that makes it possible for a fire to spread faster, especially since no one was out there watching the fire!
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