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A $3 Coaster

I'm just now getting around to watching some "cutout" DVDs I bought at "Big Lots" months ago, which were $3.00 each. Started watching the HBO special "Dennis Miller: All In", which was a stand-up special from 2006 taped in Las Vegas. Haven't seen Miller on TV in ages, and was surprised when the second half of the special took a PRO George Bush lean. When the fark did he go looney?!? When he used to have his weekly series on HBO, he poked fun at BOTH parties! That was what I expected on this DVD. Guess the looney turn was what prompted the disc to wind up in the $3.00 pile at "Big Lots".

Oh well, it will make a good drink coaster! The first half wasn't funny at all either!

Postscript: The other day, when talking to my mother, I had made a comment about the "idiots that voted for Bush twice"... she gave me quite a look... she is a die-hard "Republican", rarely votes for anyone outside that party, so she wasn't amused by that comment. Guess where "politics" are concerned, I took a complete turn from family tradition, since I tend to vote for the "underdogs"... we need someone "different" in office... but not the Tea Bagger nuts... just someone "different"...

/voted "Nader" last three times...
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