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Tuesday Morning Geekiness

Well, Andrew is off to school. There aren't any places I can think of to apply for a job that I haven't already re-applied at in the past few weeks(that I'd be qualified to work at), so, unless I get a call from one of those places, I'll be sticking around the house most of the day if I can help it. Debating on washing dishes sometime either today or tomorrow. Caught up on the laundry on Sunday.

One thing I'm planning on trying today, is to install Ubuntu Linux on the old ancient XP machine that has been collecting dust for over a year. That PC is too slow to really do anything "important" on, bought it in 2003, only has a 40GB HD and 386MB RAM, so I figured it would be the ideal candidate to finally experiment with Linux on. Going to completely wipe XP from it, since it's just going to be a "test machine" anyway. Downloaded Ubuntu
late yesterday and made the install CD from the ISO image. This morning, I'll need to go into the BIOS settings of the old machine, and change the boot order so it sees the CD-ROM drive first. You know it's an old machine, because it has a Floppy drive built in! The monitor I'm hooking it to is even older, a 17" CRT that came with the first computer I ever owned... back in 1999.

This morning was the coldest morning since Fall started this year, 39°F (4°C). Glad I noticed it was getting cold in the house when I had to make a bathroom trip last night, so I could turn the heat on. Otherwise, I'd probably be suffering from severe "shrinkage" this morning!

Been getting an annoying "twitch" the past couple of weeks in the first finger of my left hand. Doesn't hurt, but it just annoys me. No clue what is causing it. I may look it up online sometime today, see what I can find out.

Well, time to refill my coffee, guess that'll be it for now with my ramblings...
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