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Gotta "Hand" it to Oliver Stone...

Just dived into the big stack of $3 as yet unwatched DVDs I've purchased from "Big Lots" in the past year or so, pulled out the 1981 Oliver Stone directed movie "The Hand", starring Michael Caine. Haven't seen it much since I originally saw it in the theater when it was released. Must admit, it is better than I remembered. My son popped into the room from time to time (he's involved with his gaming in his room too much to watch a whole movie), and only remarked about how lame the special effects were. I think the effects were pretty darn good for 1981, before that freggin' CGI took everything over!

Of course, Andrew didn't even recognize Michael Caine, until I told him it was the same actor who played Austin Powers dad around 20 years after "The Hand" was made. Kids these days... GEESH!
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