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My mom bought my son a monthly pay-as-you-go phone last year for Xmas. She was paying the $45 monthly charge. Son forgot password on said phone. Phone got "locked out" as a result. I've never owned a cellphone of ANY kind, so I have no clue how the damn things work. Son calls the company that issues the phone. They send a FedEx box with a return envelope for the phone today. He sticks the return label on the envelope, FedEx comes by, picks it up. Son says it costs no extra, still will pay the monthly fee when they ship him a replacement phone.

Mom was hoping he had really screwed up by forgetting his password, and she'd be off the hook for that monthly fee, because she refuses to buy him another one, and I darn sure won't. If they send a replacement phone, looks like mom will still be shelling out the $45/month. She was disappointed in hearing that, she was hoping he would learn a lesson, the hard way. But if he gets the replacement, no extra charges, she has already agreed to pay the monthly fee again.

Does ANY of this post make any sense?
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