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Monday Mumbling...

Woke up a little after 4am this morning for a trip to the bathroom, never got back to sleep afterwards, so got back out of the bed at 5:30. Since then, made sure the boy got off to school, took a shower, fed and scooped the cat, washed the stack of dishes next to the sink, and cleaned off the kitchen counters.

My TV viewing last night was as follows... 7:00pm-An old "Hee Haw" rerun on RFD-TV... 8:00pm-Series premiere of "Boardwalk Empire" on HBO (was VERY impressed by it)... 9:00pm-since I missed it Friday, caught the rebroadcast of "Real Time with Bill Maher" on HBO2. Haven't checked the evening TV schedule for today to see what is on yet tonight.

Today, I'll fill out some online job applications, and hope I get a call from someone soon. Tomorrow, I need to go shopping. Food is getting a bit sparse. Will probably go to the North 18th location of "Brookshires" to get the groceries, to avoid the remodeling still going on at the Cypress Street location.

First day of fall is supposed to be day after tomorrow, but you can't tell it around here. Temperatures are predicted to be in the high-90's F all week. Still feels like the worst part of summer. At least the humidity has been low, because of a severe lack of rain. Ground outside is like concrete, and the grass is browning.

STILL thinking I need to find a "friend with benefits"... it's just been TOOO long!
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