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Local News... Bleech!

There was what I would call a "major" news story unfolding in my local community this morning. Didn't find out about it from any "breaking news" on the local TV stations. Found out from a Facebook friend over the internets, then I proceeded to the local newspaper website, followed by the local TV stations website.

A 15-year old kid shot both his parents, then went on to school. Once it was discovered what happened, the school was placed on lockdown. The kid was arrested, the school was let out around 11am as a result. All of this taking place within 10 miles of where I live. Turned the TV to KNOE-TV8 at noon to check the local noon newscast to see if they had updated information, only to find they were airing a freggin' tennis match instead! Guess those things happen when all your local TV stations have the budget of a small lemonade stand.

At least on KNOE's website, they went "by the book" and didn't release any info they shouldn't have. Can't say the same about "The News-Star"(local newspapers website). If the suspect in a crime such as this is a minor, the name isn't supposed to be released. They released it, retracting it a bit later. Then, one of their reporters asked if "anyone out there" had any info on the kids family, if so, contact her at "The News-Star" office. After complaints on the website message board, that request was also retracted. Asking for info such as that, it puts the main local paper right in the leagues with rags like "National Enquirer" and "The Star". Several commenters said they wouldn't be renewing their subscriptions as a result.

EDIT: Looks like "The News-Star" has put the shooters name back up, along with a photo.
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