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Webcam32 becoming more obsolete...

All of a sudden today, Manycam stopped showing up on my Windows 7 desktop in Webcam32's options of sources to choose from. I like to keep my options open on the desktop if I'm in front of it, so if I get a video call, or want to stream and FTP upload a picture to the website page at the same time, I can manage it. Well, Manycam was just showing a gray screen if I tried using it with both Webcam32 and Flash Media Encoder, Skype, MSN, etc at the same time.

Surveyor Corp. stopped developing/supporting Webcam32 ages ago. It was working fine up until now. Think I might have found a decent substitute for the new PC however, a program called YawCam. Seems to be doing fine so far, so kudos to the author. I'll still use Webcam32 for the other two cams fed off this PC, since they are just strictly FTP static images, and that feature alone seems to work fine, so far.
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