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Tuesday Randomness

Well, Andrew has been in school three days of this school year, and so far, no troubles, and he has actually awoken on time by himself, without me or his grandmother having to call to make sure he is awake. Starting to wonder who replaced my son with a different one!

Mom got a knock on her door the other night, after she had already went to bed. Some guy in a pickup looking for someone named "Jessica". He was informed there was no "Jessica" there, and he left in a huff. We are thinking that "Jessica" might be who is living in a travel trailer in the yard of the house on the other side of my mothers trailer. Been a lot of "mysterious" things happening there since the old gentleman that owned the house passed away a couple months ago. The woman, who looks like she has two kids, is still living in the travel trailer, and it seems like every day, a different vehicle is in the yard. The woman has no visible means of support, seems to no longer have a vehicle herself (the one she was driving seemed to get repeately banged up, until it vanished). Mom and I think the woman might be up to something nefarious... like maybe drugs or prostitution, but we have no proof... just the flux of different cars, trucks, and even an 18-wheeler once, to the residence. The travel trailer is hard to see from the road, and the mystery guy knocking on moms door might have thought, if the woman told him she lived in a trailer, that moms trailer was the one he was looking for. So far, he hasn't returned.

I was digging in the closet earlier, found a better webcam than the one I was using to temporarily replace the Intel PC Pro in the kitchen(which had no drivers for Windows 7)... just hoping it doesn't conflict with the Logitech C910, since they are both the same brand (but different models).

Had to put out all three garbage cans today for pick-up tomorrow. Normally only put out two, but one was full from the garbage cleaned from Andrew's room the other day.
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