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Pig in a pig sty...A Rant

Since this was Andrew's first full day back at school, I got brave and entered his room. A pig would keep a cleaner area! The boy has TWO wastebaskets in the room, yet empty drink cans/bottles, empty packages, and dirty tissues were scattered ALL over the FLOOR! A couple packages of petrified cookies were found near the wall on the other side of his bed. Dirty dishes UNDER the bed!

All that, after repeatedly (since his mother dumped him here in 2006) telling him to pick up after himself! It's like you tell the kid something, it goes in one ear and out the other, and nothing is in between to prevent the words from doing so!

I think I know the problem, it's those damn video games. That is ALL he thinks about when he is home. Thinking of telling him, no new games for 6 months... IF, during those 6 months, he keeps the room straight, only THEN will he start getting new games.If he doesn't start straightening up by the time he turns 18, which isn't far away (he turns 17 in December), I'm seriously thinking of having him evicted!

His bed linens are currently in the dryer. I'm going to let HIM put them back on his bed when he gets in from school! I've done enough in that room for the day, filling TWO 13 gallon trash bags FULL of the garbage lying around in there! I just don't understand how he can sit in such filth! I NEVER kept my room looking like that when I was his age! I KNEW at that age what a waste basket was made for, which he apparently doesn't!

/rant mode off
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