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Emails Bye... and other random updates...

Somehow or another, when setting up my email clients on the new 'puter, I managed to delete ALL the old email from the servers of the email services I use! I specifically checked "Leave mail on server" for each account, so I'm not sure what the hell went wrong! There were some older emails I was wanting to keep as back-up records of things.

Oh well, maybe I won't have to refer back to those now-gone mails in the future for anything...

In other computer news, the boy wants the previous PC, so I'll probably reformat it again (if it'll stay running long enough) and give it to him. What he wants with a computer that BSOD's and freezes a couple times a day, I may never know!

So far, all my old paid software programs seem to install and work fine on the Windows 7 machine. Only incompatible thing is the Intel PC Pro Webcam that was in the kitchen. No Windows 7 drivers, and the XP drivers that worked in Vista, do not work in 7. So, until I can get a better cam for the kitchen, I'm using an old Logitech IM Connect I had lying around. Not the best quality, but it'll do in the meantime.

STILL no calls on the job front, and it's really starting to irk me... getting "cabin fever" being home so much!

Andrews school year officially starts tomorrow with registration. Then he goes Friday for the first full day of the year. Hopefully he'll manage to stay out of trouble!
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