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New PC's = Pain In The Tookus

If anyone noticed I hadn't been online much today, it is because I finally got tired of the old Vista machine BOSDing and rebooting at random. Went to Best Buy today, bought a new Windows 7 machine, with a lot more hard drive space and RAM. Figured it would be the quickest way to solve the problem, since I had already re-installed the operating system, updated the BIOS, and downloaded new drivers for the video card on the old system, only to have the SAME THING happen repeatedly after all that work!

Slowly getting things on this computer the way I want them. However... didn't save the older version of WebcamMax, and newer versions don't show up in Webcam32's source list... and the "Kitchen Cam" is a "no go" altogether... finally upgraded to a version of Windows that there is no drivers for the ancient Intel PC Pro for, so I'll need to replace that cam soon.

Still have a lot of stuff to install, but got the browser and instant messenger (Trillian) up and going.
Tags: computers, operating systems, upgrades

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