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Lots O' Updates

Last week we got the first big rain in quite some time. I also got two leaks in the kitchen ceiling. Think it might have had something to do with some things shifting back when we got the back of the house re-leveled. Called a roofer, he came out, went up on the roof (which CAN'T be comfortable in 100F degree weather), and said he spotted the problem. He came back the next day, replaced a small patch of shingles. Only charged $100, and I'm hoping it solves the problem. Won't know for sure until the next good rain.

Went and applied for work at Walgreen's, McAllister's Deli, and Raising Canes yesterday. Still no "bites" on the job front. While out, I stopped by Target and bought a couple of new DVDs... two new "Looney Tunes" collections, one featuring Bugs Bunny, the other Daffy Duck (guess I'm still a "kid" at heart). Also stopped by Brookshire's Grocery and picked up a few small items the boy and I were running low on. Brookshire's still has the remodeling going on, this time, two large holes knocked in the front brick walls, with plywood covering them up on the inside of the store.

Drove up to the little tobacco store up the road early this morning to pick up some Powerball Lottery tickets. Jackpot is up to $38 million, and there's a drawing tonight. If I win (which I know I won't), I'll stop "patching" this old house, and just have a new one built.

Updated three computers this morning also. The main desktop had 15 Microsoft patches, the tower attached to the big TV in the living room had 14 patches, and the laptop had 16 patches. Been a patching fool this morning!

Looks like another EXTREMELY hot day, gonna try to stay in as much as possible.

The cat got into one of his hyper fits earlier, started attacking my legs... locked him out of the room for a while.

It's 11:36am, and the boy just now woke up.
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