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We needed grub...

Went to "Brookshire's" grocery earlier today, bought a "grocery list" of food!

They still have that damn remodeling going on however... front of the store now looks like a tornado ripped it off... still no tiles on the floor or ceiling tiles on the roof... saw at least six scissor lifts scattered throughout the place, people running wiring in the ceiling...had to push my shopping cart(think they are called "shopping trollies" for UK friends) over dips in the bare concrete and over extension cords. As much as I like shopping there, I think they should have closed the place to do the remodeling, they would have been done by now. I could drive to the store across the river in the meantime to do my shopping!

Sure, there are plenty of other food stores in town, but "Brookshire's" has the BEST customer service of any of them!

Remodeling started in May. Guy that took my groceries out today, said the remodel wasn't due to be finished till JANUARY!!
Tags: grocery, rant, shopping

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