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Never Heard Of This Format Before...

Today, I decided to transfer some of the old radio shows I downloaded onto CD's. Well, I open "Easy CD Creator" and attempt to add the shows to a CD so I can listen to them on the stereo. I get a window popping up saying the "file extention is not supported". I look at the file extentions on the downloads for the first time, and it isn't ".mp3" as I assumed it was, it is a format I'd never heard of... ".mpga".
I then, say to myself, "Okay, I'll just turn it into an MP3 with my "dbpowerAMP Music Converter"." Turns out the version I had didn't support the format either. So, I go to the "dbpowerAMP Music Converter" website, and lo and behold, they had a newer version which supported that format, so I updated my older version. According to the converter's website, .mpga is a new compression technique called MP3Pro. Instead of MPEG 1-3, it encodes a MPEG 2-3!
Anyway, to make a long boring story short, I can now convert those .mpga files to regular MP3's and drag them into Easy CD Creator to make audio CD's out of them, so I am content again! :-)

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