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What are the odds??

Has anyone ever had anything like this happen before? You're sitting down, watching a recently purchased DVD set, in my case, "The Abbott & Costello Show: The Complete Series". A scene in a restaurant comes on...

Then, you notice something strangely familiar looking on the wall in the background of the scene... you make a "double take", to assure yourself you aren't imagining things...

You then look at the wall, slightly behind your television screen... and see THE EXACT SAME PICTURE... which has been hanging in this house since the mid-1960's...

Is that a "Twilight Zone" moment, or what?? All I can guess is since the Abbott & Costello episode was filmed in 1953, and mom estimates the picture was purchased sometime in the early-mid 1960's (but doesn't remember WHERE it was purchased), that the picture was mass reproduced over a period of time.
Tags: bizarre, pictures, props, television

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